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Explore the joyful memories created over the years during the Alegría student programs and discover the enriching experiences of past volunteers.

Jessica C.

Student Volunteer
Santa Catalina School

 It was an amazing, fascinating, mind-blowing experience. I learned so much more than I expected both emotionally and technically. There was just so much information for me to absorb and process that I feel like I am still in the trip as I reflect on these experiences. I think the most important thing I realized is that I have so much power and influence in other people’s lives, that I could play an important role at certain important moments. I was super touched when Beatriz tried to grab my hand after she woke up from her surgery, when Oswaldo asked for me before his surgery, and when Nestor’s mother gave me a pair of beautiful earrings as a gift. 
I witnessed countless miracles during the trip. I witnessed the force and delicacy that coexist among the fingers of all the surgeons. I witnessed the satisfaction and genuine smiles on the faces of the kids and their parents. I have always respected and understood the divinity of the job of a surgeon, but this trip has brought my respect to a completely new level. I could hardly describe my experiences with words. It was a very meaningful experience that changed the way I look at life. 
I love how everyone calls it a “mission” rather than a “service trip” or a “project” of some sort. The word “mission” sounds so much more powerful and rewarding. It gives me a sense of responsibility and puts more seriousness in it. I am more than happy to continue to work with Alegria. 


Patient and Volunteer

Ladys was born with cleft lip and palate. Countless trips to the doctor, one painful surgery after another, these are not things a young person, nor any person, should be asked to endure, but endure she did. 
Presently, and having recovered fully thanks to the tireless help of Alegria, Ladys is now an advocate for those who suffer from the condition she once suffered from. 
A young woman who once said “I personally know what it is like to be born with a cleft lip and palate and wanting to look like those around me,” now offers light and encouragement as she serves as a tireless advocate for our organization. 
Traveling to remote villages all throughout Colombia, Ladys is a beacon for those in need as she visits countless children with a message of hope: Alegria is on its way.